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Stand out in the European market, A.I.F. Italy

Following our successful entry into the European market in 2001, A.I.F. opened the
Milan branch in 2003.
In a region considered to be detached from the Korean freight forwarding industry,
the arrival of A.I.F. Italy has given the area access to superior quality logistics services
while simultaneously allowing us to improve our understanding of Italian culture and trade.

A.I.F. Italy focuses on the country's main exports, including clothing, fashion accessories
and mechanical products, and has helped its customers create value through effective
management of its supply chains. In 2005, we ranked first in terms of air cargo bound
for Korea. Since then, we've maintained our focus on providing logistics solutions that
stand out from the rest, a solution that maximizes our clients' profits and satisfaction.

Thanks to our clients' support we are on the verge of opening our second office in Italy
and will continue to provide outstanding service in the future. Through this we promise to
maintain our position as one of the leading companies in our industry.