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Your dependable confidant, A.I.F. Japan

In 2005, A.I.F. launched A.I.F. Japan with the opening of the Tokyo branch. Having
established itself as a reliable logistics company in the U.S. and Europe, the move to the
center of Asian trade presented a new challenge for the company. The second largest trade
nation in the world, Japan is well known for its high quality standards and having a thorough
system of operations. A.I.F. Japan is steadily expanding operations with offices in Tokyo and

With our expeditious attainment of the IATA license, a Consolidator license and a Regulated
Agent license, A.I.F. Japan have quickly developed into a trusted name in the industry.

We are building a reliable and efficient network through its close relations with various
partners in the transportation industry. Offering twice-weekly FAK consol service from Osaka,
we have a proven record in bulk and project cargo. This has led A.I.F. Japan to become a
trusted business partner in the region.

We are comprised of experienced professionals who posses a wealth of local knowledge
as well as a clear understanding of Korean affairs, armed with a fully computerized system
allowing for efficient project management.

This effective combination allows us to provide our customers with a highly customized solution
that is second to none.