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Since 1990, - Innovating Global Logsitics Company.

Since its founding in 1990 in the United States, A.I.F. has become an exceptional
global logistics company which provides diversified services including freight
forwarding and warehousing service with customs clearance at the most
essential gateways of world logistics in Germany, Italy, France and Japan.

The core values of A.I.F. are found in professionalism, innovation, passion and
teamwork. A.I.F. is taking the initiative in fulfilling its core values based on
regional expertise, an unrelenting dedication to efficiency, innovation and
satisfaction for our customers.

전 지사 임직원이 함께하는 1:1 결연아동 후원

Throughout the years of transportation experience and know-how gained,
A.I.F. is formed with numerous specialized experts in various fields to
provide the most efficient transportation method and route by analyzing
the demand of the customers.

We are always searching for the most strategic and reliable service
possible to transport each and every one of your shipment based on its
specific industrial needs.

A.I.F. is a logistics specialist that is always ready to in short-term,
strengthen the price competitiveness and the effectiveness of inventory
reduction, and in long-term, secure the competitiveness at your logistics

A.I.F. strongly believes in becoming your true partner by continually
providing satisfaction and growing together.